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AAC - Advanced Aviation Course
AASC - Advanced Aerospace Course
AATC-AM - Aircraft Maintenance
AATC-AO - Airport Operations
AC - Air Cadet
ACA - Area Cadet Advisor
ACL - Air Cadet League of Canada
ACO - Area Cadet Officer
ACR - Annual Commitment Report
Adm/Admin - Administration
AdmO/AdminO - Administration Officer
Adj - Adjutant - a cadet parade position not a rank
AFAC - Air Force Association of Canada
AGM - Annual General Meeting
ARMIC - Air Rifle Marksmanship Instructor Course
ASD - Assigned Squadron Director
AVC - Area Vice Chair

BAC - Basic Aviation Course
BandO - Band Officer
BATAC - Basic Aviation Technology & Aerospace
BFSC - Basic Fitness & Sports Course
BGen - Brigadier General
BLC - Basic Leadership Course
BSC - Basic Survival Course
Bravo Zulu - A naval signal meaning "Well Done"
Bush Ex - Bush Exercise - Survival Training (not always in the bush), see also FTX

Capt - Captain
CATO - Cadet Administrative and Training Orders
CCC - Community Coordinating Committee
CCM - Canadian Cadet Movement
CCO - Canadian Cadet Organization
CD - Canadian Forces Decorated - recipient of a Canadian Forces Decoration or Medal
CF - Canadian Forces
CFB - Canadian Forces Base
CFS - Cadet Flying Site - formerly a Gliding Centre
CI - Civilian Instructor
CIC - Cadet Instructors Cadre
CMDR - Commander
CO - Commanding Officer
Cadet Organization Administration and Training Service
CoC - Chain of Command
Col - Colonel
Cpl - Corporal - cadet NCM rank
CRCO - Central Region Cadet Office
CRGS - Central Regional Gliding School - cadet flying site
CRSU - Regional Cadet Support Unit
CSTC - Cadet Summer Training Centre
CTC - Cadet Training Centre
CV - Civilian Volunteer

DCO - Deputy Commanding Officer
DND - Department of National Defense
Dress - Clothing type worn by cadets - such as full, civilian, summer, ceremonial and combat. Full dress is the complete uniform.

EDT - Eastern Daylight Time
EO - Enabling Objective
EST - Eastern Standard Time
ETA - Estimated Time of Arrival

FCpl - Flight Corporal
FSgt - Flight Sergeant
Flt - Flight (refers to the parade groups of cadets)
Flt Comd - Flight Commander - Cadet parade position (Not associated with individual rank)
Flt Sgt - Flight Sergeant - Cadet parade position (Not associated with individual rank)
FSIC - Fitness & Sports Instructors Course
FTX - Field Training/Trip Exercise (commonly referred to as Bush Weekends)

Gen - General
GMT - Greenwich Mean Time
GPS - Glider Pilot Scholarship
GSU - Garrison Support Unit
GTC - General Training Course

HQ - Headquarters

IACE - International Air Cadet Exchange
IMP - Individual Meal Packet - full meal in a bag, main portion is a boil-in-the bag entree

LAC - Leading Air Cadet - a cadet rank
LCol - Lieutenant Colonel
LGen - Lieutenant General
LHQ - Local Headquarters - or local cadet offices
Lt - Lieutenant (pronounced leftenant)
Lvl - Level - beginner (Level 1) to senior cadet (Level 5)

Maj - Major
MB-BMC - Military Band - Basic Musician Course
MB-IMC - Military Band - Intermediate Musician Course
MGen - Major General
ML45C - Music Course, Levels 4-5
MOU - Memorandum of Understanding
MRE - Meals, Ready to Eat
MRO - Monthly Routine Orders
MVCFTC - Mountain View Cadet Flying Training Centre

NDA - Nationally Directed Activity
NCO - Non-Commissioned Officer - former term for an NCM
NCM - Non-Commissioned Member - an air cadet who holds a rank of Corporal or above. Replaces the term Non Commissioned Officer
NLT - No later than

OCdt - Officer Cadet - lowest ranking officer
OIC - Officer in Charge - refers to officer responsible for an event
OPC - Ontario Provincial Committee of the Air Cadet League of Canada (ACL)
OPI - Officer of Primary Interest or Office of Prime Importance (used in place of OIC)
OT - Oshkosh Trip

PB-BMC - Pipe Band - Basic Musician Course
PB-IMC - Pipe Band - Intermediate Musician Course
PDL45C - Pipes & Drums, Levels 4-5
PDO - Program Development Officer
PMV - Personal Motor Vehicle
PO - Performance Objective
PPS - Power Pilot Scholarship
PRS/VSS - Police Records Check with Vulnerable Sector Screening

RAF - Royal Air Force
RCAC - Royal Canadian Air Cadets - also RC(Air)C
RCACS - Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron - also RC(Air)CS
RCAF - Royal Canadian Air Force
Regional Cadet Instructor School
RCO - Regional Cadet Officer
RCSU - Regional Cadet Support Unit
Ret'd - Retired
RGS(A) - Regional Gliding School Atlantic - Debert, NS
RGS(E) - Regional Gliding School Eastern-Quebec - St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC
RGS(NW) - Regional Gliding School Northwest - Gimli, MB
RGS(P) - Regional Gliding School Pacific - Comox, BC
RGS(Pac) - Regional Gliding School Pacific - Comox, BC
RGS(Pra) - Regional Gliding School Prairie - Gimli, MB
RHQ - Regional Headquarters
RLMI - Royal London Military Institute
RMC - 
Royal Military College
RO - Range Officer or Reviewing Officer
ROC - Regional Operations Committee - OPC
ROE - Rules of Engagement
Room - An order for silence and undivided attention given by the announcing officer
RSO - Range Safety Officer
RTU - Return to Unit

Sgt - Sergeant
SIC - Survival Instructor Course
SOS - Struck Off Strength
SSO - Squadron Standing Order
Sqn - Squadron
Sqn Comd - Squadron Commander - the Senior most cadet in the squadron assigned to the top parade position
SSC - Squadron Sponsoring Committee
StdsO - Standards Officer
SupO - Supply Officer
SWO - Squadron Warrant Officer - a parade position not a rank

TC - Transport Canada
TD - Temporary Duty
TOS - Taken Off Strength
TrgO - Training Officer

WOA - Western Ontario Area
WO1 - Warrant Officer First Class - top cadet rank
WO2 - Warrant Officer Second Class - rank below WO1
WRO - Weekly Routine Order

ZoneTrgO - Zone Training Officer
Zulu Time - another name for Greenwich Mean Time

2IC - Second in command or second in charge (usually associated with exercises or activities)
2LT - Second Lieutenant