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2012/2013 Activities

posted May 26, 2013, 4:38 PM by Eric Clinton   [ updated Jun 2, 2014, 3:27 PM ]
4 September        Opening Parade
16 September      March to the Cairn
29 September      Gliding Familiarization, Centralia
7 October            Aviation Training Day, Aerodrome visit
12-14 October     FTX, Attawandaron
19-20 October     Tag Days
27 October         Gliding Familiarization, Chatham
27 October         Zone Orienteering Competition
27-28 October    Poppy Drive
10 November     Remembrance Day Dinner
11 November     Remembrance Day Parade
17 November     Military Show
18 December    Cadet Mess Dinner
16 February      Zone Rifle Competition
22-24 February FTX, Camp Sylvan
13 April           Sir Arthur Currie Memorabilia Show
13 April           Squadron Ball
20 April           Gliding Familiarization, Centralia
1 May             International Emergency Response Day
3-4 May          Tag Days
11 May           Gliding Familiarization, Chatham
25 May           Annual Inspection
8 June            Year End Trip - Canada’s Wonderland
11 June          Year End BBQ
28-30 June     St Thomas Airshow

Adult Staff: 
Commanding Officer: Capt. A. Coulter
Deputy Commanding Officer: Capt S. Wilson
Administration Officer: 2nd Lt M. Dejong
Training Officer: Capt S. Wilson
Supply Officer: CI D. Hinton
Ground School Instructor: Capt. R. Shulist
Marksmanship Team Officer: Capt. R. Shulist
Orienteering: CI D. Hinton
Civilian Volunteer: Mr. B. Broersma
Civilian Volunteer: Ms. R. Locken

Cadet Staff:
Cadet Squadron Commander: WO2 S. Hirsch
Deputy Cadet Squadron Commander: F/Sgt L. Dewsnap
Flight Commander: F/Sgt B. Clinton
Flag Party Commander: F/Sgt V. Vander Velden